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Tuesday, October 29

String Cheese Incident's Suwannee Hulaween - Interview with the promoter Paul Levine

We were fortunate enough to speak with Suwannee Hulaween's promoter Paul Levine this past week.  He shed light on the venue, the music, how the festival came to be and what the fans can expect this Halloween Weekend! 
SM: How did this festival come about, from being just a stand-alone String Cheese event to a full on festival?
PL: I've been talking with SCI since my years back in Colorado about putting on a big event for Halloween. There just never was a perfect time, place and availability of artists until now.  It took a while for the pieces to fall into place, but once they did it really fit together.
SM: String Cheese is known for their theatrics, what should we expect for this year's festival, since it's not just a Hulaween event, but a full on festival.
PL: There's a lot I can't reveal right now but it's safe to say that The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park will be transformed in many ways for this event.  It is by far my favorite outdoor concert/camping venue in the country.  The main amphitheater is beautiful, and built into the hillside making it a natural amphitheater, and then there are these Oak Trees that are all over the place they are hundred's of years old.  The venue has a general store, and really cool camping facilities, but on top of that the festival-goers can enjoy canoeing and hiking by day.  There's always something to do, music or not.  Also, it's in Florida, so the weather will be warm and accommodating.
SM: There are a lot of great bands on the lineup, were they just the bands that we're available or hand picked by SCI and the festival staff.
PL: This lineup was picked over a long period of time and each artist is there for a reason.  We have great artists at large like Jennifer Hartswick and Brock Butler, and bluegrass giants Leftover Salmon.  This venue and this event lends itself to having many different collaborations and that is the plan for this years event.  Also we've bridged Bluegrass, EDM, and Jambands, with artists like STS9 and Big Gigantic, and then a guitar virtuoso like Steve Kimock.
SM: So with all of the elements in place is there any chance that Holy Kimoto (EOTO with Steve Kimock and Kyle Hollingsworth) will play together again?
PL: Not that I know of.  Anything is possible but as for the schedule we have not set aside time for this specifically.
SM:How late can the late night artists play, all the way until the early morning hours?
PL: Not that late, we do have a curfew, it will be long after midnight, but we have neighbors to think of, and we come back year after year (With Bear Creek, Magnolia Fest etc.) so we really respect them and cut the music at reasonably early (late) hour.  But then we will have our silent disco and acoustic music that will go late into the night, early into the morning.
Tickets for Suwannee Hulaween can be purchased HERE
Kids 10 and under are free!
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