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Wednesday, October 23

Setlist: Phish - BlueCross Arena - Rochester, NY- 10/22/13

Set 1: AC/DC Bag, The Moma Dance, Axilla, Meatstick[1], Kill Devil Falls, Scent of a Mule[2], Timber (Jerry) > My Friend, My Friend, Halfway to the Moon, Maze, Character Zero

Set 2: Crosseyed and Painless > Light -> Golden Age > Birds of a Feather, Halley's Comet > Possum, Bug > Heavy Things, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Joy, First Tube

[1] Japanese Lyrics
[2] Fishman on Marimba Lumina.

Notes: Meatstick contained the Japanese lyrics. Scent of a Mule featured Fishman on Marimba Lumina. Golden Age began over the jam out of Light.

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