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Friday, October 4

Review and Photos: Leftover Salmon-The Infamous Stringdusters-Assembly Of Dust - The Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY - Sept 20, 2013

The Capital Theatre, located in Port Chester NY, has been in use since August of 1926; beginning as a movie theater and transforming into the majestic venue it has become today.  From the second you enter you can feel the energy and love that has formed within these walls surrounding you with a vibe unlike any other. Over the years, some of the world's biggest acts have graced this stage, making just being here a special night in my book. 
Walking in tonight there was a happy, care-free vibe. Groups of fans and friends gathered together to start the weekend off with a killer trio of bands that were more than willing to give them exactly what they came for. Hailing from NY, Assembly of Dust started off the might mixing their jammy blend of folk and rock they elicited a small dance party in front of the stage. This was my first, but certainly not my last time seeing these guys. They came out as fired up as anyone in the building, offering up what was a perfect set of tunes to begin this night properly. 

From tunes like "Valhalla,” that offers strong vocals and smile inducing guitar riffs, straight through till the closing tune, "Man With A Plan," that’s a uniquely catchy tune allowing the whole band to just let loose, closing their set in the same manner which it begun; full of energy and life. 
 The Infamous Stringdusters were next on stage. They are the real deal, offering a unique take on classic covers as well as superbly written originals. Right out the gates these guys hit you where it counts with infectious strumming that creates an upbeat, melodic style of bluegrass that seems to make everyone in ear range just break out in dance. An awesome cover of "After Midnight" early on in the evening makes me wish these guys were playing well past then. 
This showcased exactly how they can take any song and make it their own. The band interacts with each other and the crowd moving around the stage effortlessly, jamming out in a way only they can, thanks to their wireless set ups. Even one of the sets slower tunes “Rockets,” had a vibe that kept the audience moving straight through the set.  One of many highlights for me was without question an extremely well done cover of "Walking on the Moon" which left me wondering why I hadn't been lucky enough to have heard a version like this before; securing the fact that this show will soon be in rotation on my iPod.
After two well-crafted and insanely upbeat sets of music, one could have walked out a totally happy and much satisfied fan of live music, but as usual The Cap wasn't done just yet. Offering up one more over- the- top performance brought to us by, "Left Over Salmon."  
These guys are known for bringing their best to the stage each and every time they play and tonight was no different. From the opening notes of "Mama Boulet," a free flowing upbeat dance inspiring number, there was a connection between band and fan resulting in a magical set of music. Joined for most of the set by Andy Hall the band ripped through songs such as "Midnight Blues" showcasing  the bands ability to jam out and just enjoy every second of the performance as much as the crowd, adding to the overall energy of the evening. One of my personal favorites of the set was "Ain't Gonna Work" featured Andy Hall and Chris Pandolfi of the Stringdusters. This song was pure fire out of the gate and had the entire crowd dancing around at a ferocious pace.
 With an impressive light show and some pretty sick visuals on the ceiling you could see a smile on every face in the house as their eyes wandered from stage to ceiling. At one point, even playing "Pasta on the Mountain" per request from a fan sporting a pretty creative homemade sign. These guys gave every ounce of themselves creating one of the most energetic, well played and entertaining sets I have seen in quite some time. Ending yet another fantastic night of music at the historic Capital Theatre. 
Words: Chason Heins
Photos: Mike Geller
 ©Grateful Music LLC