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Wednesday, September 18

Furthur To Go On Hiatus Starting 2014

Furthur announced that they are back to their solo projects this upcoming year in a statement:
After more than four years of heavy, year-round touring, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir have decided to put their band Furthur on hiatus in 2014. After the four night Furthur run in Mexico in January, the band will take the rest of 2014 off so that Phil and Bob can focus on their countless solo projects.  Furthur came together in September, 2009, and from its inception was a band Phil and Bob were completely committed to, and still are. In the 18 years since the Grateful Dead stopped being a touring entity, Furthur has proven to be the longest-tenured, and most active band featuring two or more former members of the Grateful Dead. With shows that keep the Dead vibe alive while pushing the musical envelope, well, furthur, this band has brought smiles to hundreds of thousands of fans in the past four years. Most impressive is that this has become a true band, and not just Phil and Bob plus some side players. John Kadlecik (guitar), Jeff Chimenti (keyboards), Joe Russo (drums), and Sunshine Becker and Jeff Pehrson (vocals) have joined the trip to create a band that has become one of the most exciting, honest and inspired touring acts in music today.

We at Grateful Music have seen 30-50 Furthur shows over the past 5 years, including their first three-nighter at the Fox Theatre in Oakland.  We  kinda had a feeling change was in the winds and as one anonymous music fan put's it:
"Furthur can't go on hiatus, they aren't really a band that is together, they are already VERY accomplished musicians that have tons of solo work that they obviously love more, and they just so happen to play together every once in while at $70+ a ticket.  While they are  incredibly talented individuals, together they never pushed any envelopes musically. They covered the Grateful Dead's music and the people that followed them did so because they either wanted to hear Dead tunes, from 2 of the the original members, and [their band] or resurrect a scene who's time has clearly past"

As music lover's we look forward with our head held high to the future that Bob Weir will have at TRI and the Sweetwater, not to mention his acoustic tours and Ratdog WITH Kimock.  We know Phil will focus on his baby, Terrapin Crossroads and after visiting that playground of destination I personally would never leave if I had a choice.  The other members are all accomplished musicians in their own right and we guess Joe Russo will be back in New York City before killin' it on the drums with various other vastly talented folk by Valentine's Day.  JK will follow DSO  on Tour, just kidding JK.  John Kadlecik has a great solo band that has gained a pretty big national following.  The other members will return to playing in their bands or with other bands.

Thanks for the shows Furthur!
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