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Friday, September 20

Festival - Dub Champions Festival - (NYC/DC/PHI) - 9/17-24/2013 - North America's premier dub festival hits DC, Philly, and NYC!

The third annual Dub Champions Festival (NYC/DC/PHI) pops off this weekend and includes performances and education sessions crossing a wide array of underground dub genres takes place concurrently in New York City, Washington, DC and Philadelphia.  

The good vibes of this year's event that will feature a who's who of the global dub phenomenon including father figure Lee "Scratch" Perry plus Subatomic Sound System, Daedelus, Adrian Sherwood, Pinch, Addis Pablo (son of Augusta Pablo), Ticklah, Clive Chin, LionDub, Deadly Dragon Sound and so much more. 

Third annual Dub Champions Festival 9/17-24 
3 cities, 9 events, over 30 artists from legends of dub reggae to the future sound revolutionaries of electronic bass music.
Headlined by Grammy winning 77 year old dub and reggae inventor, original producer and co-writer for Bob Marley, Lee "Scratch" Perry performing with Subatomic Sound System, doing unprecedented faithful recreations of Scratch's Black Ark classics plus wild electronic re-imaginations of dub for the the 21st century post-dubstep generation. 
For additional schedule, ticket information/discounts, launch & after parties.
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The third annual Dub Champions Festival is a 5 day journey into the international musical phenomenon called “dub” a style characterized by heavy bass, drums, and copious use of effects, where the producers become the artists and the mixing board becomes an instrument. The festival features both performances & educational workshops to exhibit how the music is created and has evolved from the original roots in Jamaican reggae of the 1970s to becoming a cornerstone of the future of electronic bass music.  Along the way it has redefined the role of producer and influenced and inspired countless artists and genres from rap to rock to punk to dance music.

Dub Champions Festival was founded in New York City by Emch from Subatomic Sound ( and third annual USA festival takes place this year in New York City, Washington DC, & Philadelphia.

Highlights are the NYC 9/22 Lee Scratch show with Addis Pablo (son of Augustus Pablo) and 9/23 Adrian Sherwood & Pinch US debut, preceded by a dub workshop with Adrian and demo of the SubPac, a new tactile audio device for low frequencies that Adrian & Pinch helped develop.  Got some exclusive new videos of Scratch from Coachella and wild footage of him painting at his art gallery opening, basically turning this art gallery in the Black Ark part 2.  The third annual Dub Champions Festival in the USA is spanning Sept 19-23 (plus 9/17 launch and 9/24 after party), this time spreading from NYC to Philly and DC as well, headlined by the spiritual leader of dub, Lee Scratch Perry, 77 years young.  Festival future plans include Vienna again in February plus Amsterdam and a few European cities between.
The three highlights of the fest this year
1)  9/22 Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System w/ Addis Pablo (son of Augustus Pablo) and the Woman in Dub singers plus Daedelus (Brainfeeder/ Ninja Tune) contrasts classic dub with new school electronic derivatives as well as bringing together two generations of dub, Lee with Addis, for first official show.
Perry @ Coachella "War Ina Babylon" (Preview)  
2)  On-U Sound's Adrian Sherwood debuting his new project with Bristol dubstep pioneer Pinch....
AUDIO:  Here is an audio mix of Sherwood & Pinch live set, pretty incredible combination of classic dub and incredible subbass soundscaping below 100hz.
3) Free educational workshop with Adrian Sherwood at Cielo on live dub mixing, involving an amazing new piece of tactile audio technology called the SubPac, that allows you to feel sub bass frequencies.
Subatomic Sound presents the third annual DUB CHAMPIONS FESTIVAL September 17-24 
North America's premier dub festival, from the reggae roots to the future of bass music
|| NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia ||
including Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System, Adrian Sherwood & Pinch, Addis Pablo, Daedelus, + many more

Performances & education events by world class artists from the reggae roots of dub to the future of electronic bass music

9.17 | NYC | Descent presents festival launch party @ The Delancey w/ Liondub, True Nature, Kiva, Sundub & more
9.19 | Washington DC | Lee Scratch Perry (official) & Subatomic Sound System, Woman In Dub, Nappy Riddem +  Hank Shocklee (Bomb Squad/Public Enemy) @ The Howard Theatre
9.19 | NYC | Deadly Dragon Sound System NYC fest opening party w/ Reggae Rajahs Carter Van Pelt, & more @ The Delancey 
9.20 | NYC | Live & dubwise in Brooklyn w/ Top Shotta ft. Screechy Dan, Ticklah, Prince Polo w/ Clive Chin, The Frightnrs, The Far East, + more @The Paper Box
9.21 | Philadelphia | Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System, Woman in Dub,+ @ The Trocadero
9.22 | NYC | Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System, Addis Pablo, Daedelus, Woman in Dub @ (le) poisson rouge
9.23 | NYC | US debut of Adrian Sherwood & Pinch, Francois K at @ Cielo for Deep Space
9.23 | NYC | dub & bass master class with Adrian Sherwood at @ Cielo co-sponsored by Dubspot, Subpac, & Subatomic Sound

9.24 | NYC | Descent presents festival after party w/ Digital Steppaz + more

presented by Subatomic Sound
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