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Wednesday, September 11

Album Review: Mojo Green - Funk In Public

Mojo Green
Funk in Public

In music there are certain genres that provoke similar thoughts in everyone's minds. For most, the sounds of some genres like reggae or funk make us want to do one thing: dance. Something within the rhythms of the music triggers us to shake, tap, bob, or even jump around with joy.
There is a young band in Nevada that is fusing funk/reggae/r&b together encapsulating it in their very first album. This band is Mojo Green and their first album is Funk in Public. With bands such as Dumpstaphunk, Lettuce, and Trombone Shorty & the Orleans ave breaking into the "jamband/festival" scene lately, doors have opened. Funk-based bands are sprouting out of the woodwork and funk fans the same. Mojo Green is only 4 years into their career as a band but have quickly mastered their style of layering sexy, vivacious, and inspiring melodies over steady classic funk rhythms, and a heavy-hitting horn section. Mojo sounds like a group that has been together for a while. It's almost crazy how they have developed their sound so fast.
  The release of Funk in Public brought several accolades including Reno Album of Year (2013). This band has an edge the people of Nevada were smart to pick up on. Funk in Public will please any funk enthusiast through its entirety. The first track, "Shake Your Thang" is a hint to what this album will make you want to do. The tight-knit horn section composed of Kevin Thomas on Bari Sax, Trevor Hollingsworth on Alto Sax, and Monty Adams on Trumpet brings a punch of flavor to every song. They play punchy, quick riffs in songs like "Equilibrium" and "Triple Shot" but also shout out expressive, spacey lines like in the last track titled, "Caribou". The band is held together by a steady rhythm section. Frank "Fletch" Fletcher (drums) and Trevor Rice (bass) connect to hold down classic funk rhythms that will even have your grandmother dancing. Rice shows us he can get down with any old school cats in the track, "New Up", which features a fat, chunky bass sound even George Porter Jr. would crack a smile at.
 When listening to Mojo Green one thing obvious: they have a lot of sexy appeal to their sound. Something about their music just sets the mood for dancing with your partner. This is most likely due to electrifying and soulful vocal styling of lead singer Jenes Carter. Carter and guitarist/vocalist, Tim Bain play off each other erupting with more energy in every note. Bain's style of guitar playing is similar to those of P-funks, Eddie Hazel; very 70's funk. His use of his wah-wah pedal brings that 70's vibe that is really fun to groove on.
   Not often does a group produce a 1st album that illustrates their sound or what they are about. Funk in Public does just that. Each track is honestly groovier than the next. If Mojo keeps it up who knows what the future will bring? Time can only be good for a band like this.
Funk in Public
1. Shake Your Thang
2. Get Down
3. Equilibrium
4. Chill Style
5. Maringa
6. Triple Shot
7. New Up
8. Mud Slide
9. Caribou
Words: Rodney Wilson Jr.
 ©Grateful Music LLC