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Friday, July 19

Review: Phish - - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park - Alpharetta, GA - 7/17/13

Walking around the lots an hour or so before the show, it was extremely clear that the night was going to be interesting one way or the other: the weather seemed inevitable, and all that was missing was some good ole PHISH. 
The show at Alpharetta on night two kicked off with a pretty ordinary “Runaway Jim”. We went right into “Moma Dance” which I personally couldn't enjoy more, let’s be honest here, they’re just fun to watch interact and build off of each other. The 2nd “Funky Bitch” definitely got the crowd moving much more so than before and then comes “Divided Sky” which is one of many songs the guys played that went along with the weather for the night. I would say this is when the rain and lightning picked up more so than it had been. (NOTE: The lightning was quite a nice addition to the already amazing light show that Kuroda always gives us.) Personally I did not really get excited again until we were able to witness “Frost” debuted which definitely had people talking, not dancing and jamming out, but to see something played for the first time is pretty neat. “Alaska” was as groovy as always, Page hits me every time when I hear it. Honestly at this point I was not sure how I felt about this set, but the next three songs pushed that right out of my head. I LOVE THE UGLY PIG, “Guyute” is one of my favorites, so I guess I’m biased, but hey everyone around me seemed to greatly enjoy it. Trey’s screaming guitar took over in “Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan” which ran right into “Suzy Greenberg” that definitely was the largest explosion of energy in the first set.
Set two opened with “Punch You in The Eye” which had been greatly anticipated by everyone around me, solid through and through. “Drowned” and “Water In The Sky” were just plain fun because everyone was so water logged and wet that anything that related to it seemed appropriate right? Eh, why not. “Energy” was one of the more just flat out beautiful songs to listen to live, thanks guys. “Fluffhead” could not have been better, and yes “Heartbreaker” was teased yet again. Whoever hears the full thing, please enjoy it enough for me also! “Piper” came off extremely exciting in the first few seconds and did not disappoint. We got a break from jamming with “Fast Enough For You” and then went into “2001” which grooved rather well right into “Mikes Song”. Gordon seemed to be enjoying himself, and I just have to say that the red pants and new hair cut are just phenomenal. Trey took us for another walk on a great solo all the way through to the end of “The Wedge” that led into a very slow starting “Weekapaug Groove”. It picked up and of course, grooved as always. If they had gone off stage at this point and not come back out, I think it is safe to say that the end of the first set and the whole second set delivered big time and the show was already so much more memorable than the first night down south. 
“Quinn the Eskimo” was the last thing I expected to hear. But I couldn't have enjoyed it more. No, I aint see nothin’ like the Mighty Quinn. That’s for sure. Very memorable show, the weather without a doubt helped add to that. PHISH ON.   
Words: William Langford
Photos: Tarver Shelton
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