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Wednesday, July 10 launches into territory with their Gold Membership's and haven't looked back. Catch them (and your ticket) out on TOUR! is one of our most revered partners.  Recently they have embarked on a fundraising venture where they can offer a greater level of service and dedicate all of their time to this amazing one-of-a-kind Face Value ticketing!  Here is a message from the team as they set up shop on tour with booths at nearly every Phish show and some Summer Festivals.
This past week has been energizing to say the least.  Dusty and I stepped away from the code and took the CashorTrade booth on the road yet again.  We received over 500 new member signups and facilitated many face value trades.

The support is always shocking.  From the moment we setup, to the moment we take down, there is a constant buzz.  It is this grassroots, organic energy that has driven the project from the beginning.  Newcomers are excited to learn what we are all about, while members connect and make trades with those who post to the website or bulletin board.  

In just over a week we reached $8375 in Gold Membership donations with 240 new Gold Members!  We are very excited about launching these new trade tools as well as our new merchandise.  As many of you expressed interest on tour, we hope that we can turn this into $15,000 by this time next week.  We see so much potential and these funds could help us dedicate the time needed to bring this project to the next level.

As many bands are in full swing now, and you are hoping on and off tour, please remember to support CashorTrade and the face value mission by becoming a gold member.

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