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Tuesday, July 23 continues to rock out with "Gold Memberships" - sign up now to contribute to the ONLY fair and face value ticketing site! is one of our PROUDEST partners and they have a very Grateful update for all of us looking for that extra ticket this Tour!
Happy Tuesday. 
Just checking in to give a quick update of the gold membership campaign at:
With incredible member support we now have 449 new Gold Members and a growing fund of $14,770. We are very thankful to all those who have donated and participated in the site and the mission behind face value tickets. We will begin sending out rewards in the first week of August.
This is the last day of the original campaign, a total of (23 days).  However, we have received numerous responses from members asking us to extend the campaign as tour for many bands are in full swing.
We have decided to extend the gold membership campaign until the end of the tour season, September 4th, 2013. We hope with this extra time we will in fact reach our goal of $50,000 and take CashorTrade and Face Value Tickets to an entirely new level.
**Please take a moment and become a gold member if you have not already.  Watch our video and donate here: .  Also, please cut and paste the text below to post to your facebook, twitter, or email your friends.  We need your help to spread the word.
I support the Face Value Ticket Movement at!
Watch this video and help be the change the ticket industry so badly needs:
#facevaluetickets #embracetheface
I support the #FaceValueTickets Movement at
Watch video [ ] & #embracetheface
(& add a hashtag of your favorite band at the #phish, #furthur, #panictour, #umphreys, #dmb, etc.)
Thank you all once again. We appreciate your support.
Brando & Dusty
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