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Friday, June 28 has a deal for you!

Over the past 4 years has been completely free.  Dusty and I have spent hours upon hours coding the site, working with members to solidify trades, building the mobile app, setting up the trading tent on tour, and so much more.
As the community reaches 25,000 members it has become difficult for us to progress it on our own and without funding.  We see so many ways in which we could advance the program and supply more tickets to more events, yet time and money is limited.
In an effort to keep CashorTrade alive and to bring it to the next level we need your help.
We are just now releasing our new Gold Membership to help fund the launch of our new trade tools. These include mobile notifications, buyer/seller protections, suggested trades and much more.  Along with the gold membership tools, we are offering rewards in the form of limited edition merchandise like our CashorTrade Pin, T-Shirt, and Hat to backers of the project. Gold Membership Campaign from on Vimeo.
If you are a fan who believes in the mission, please fund this project. Helping to spread the word to others will also be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your support and for embracing the face.
Dusty and Brando
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