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Tuesday, April 30

Review and Photos: Tauk with opener ShwizZ - Sullivan Hall - New York City - 4/24/13

Up and coming Rock Fusion power house Tauk paired up with Funky and heavy hitting ShwizZ, last night at the Sullivan Hall in New York City for Tauk’s record release party and what a night it was. The venue was as full as one could hope and the crowd seemed to be fully aware of the night they were in for. 
 The evening starts off with ShwizZ, from Nyack, NY,  a band that has been making moves in the local music scene just see their killer set at Rock n Roll Resort v3 three weeks ago. 
 Right off the bat these guys show they aren't playing around taking full advantage of the opportunity in front of them ripping in to “12” followed by “Doorbell” both of these songs show the talent of each member while allowing them to show off just how funky they can really be. Now into their 3rd song one thing that is for certain the boys took their time picking a well-crafted set -list that had me as well as the rest of the crowd grooving right along with them throughout their show which seems to transition from song to song in cohesive and smooth fashion. One thing I have noticed to be different tonight is that all the way into their 6th song “Bad Side”, they had been playing fully instrumentals, no vocals introduced yet.  It seems apparent that they may just be playing their first ever non lyrical set and I wasn't sure enough if that is what took place but as a fan I’m quite happy to have been a part of it.  Tonight’s set is finished off with “Annie pt 2” which carries them home very well and allows them one more chance to throw their funk in your face and they did just that. After a strong 8 song set anyone in attendance who wasn't in the know will be now be making sure that this band stays on the radar for some time to come.
After a quick switch, the boys from New York based Tauk are ready as they have ever been to hit the stage and show this New York venue exactly what they can do. Right off the bat it is apparent that these musicians are big league and have the talent to play as they drop into “The Chemist” off their new album Homunculus  which allows drummer Isaac Teel to show anyone that already doesn't know that he is fact one of the nastier and animated drummers I have seen in quite some time. As the set progresses Matt Jalbert (Guitar) and Charlie Dolan (Bass) both take turns showing off their respective chops on one of my favorite tunes of the night “Home”.   
Their 6th song of the set also off their upcoming release Afro-Tonic yet another killer tune reminds you how well this band meshes together and gives Alric “A.C” Carter the chance to show everyone that he is equally as talented and capable as everyone else In this band seem to be. They are a group of well trained, polished musicians with their chemistry near perfection during this show.  As if this set hasn't been nasty enough the band pays a nod to Rock N Roll legends Led Zeppelin with their take on “Immigrant Song” which about half way through proves that these guys are here to stay. One thing I have noticed and fully enjoy about this band is the overall communication that you can see on stage and how they each seem happier than the next to be doing what they do.  
As I move location to get a different perspective on the show a fan nearby is heard saying “These guys find a way to have a screaming guitar paired with ethereal keys all at the same time”, which Is a great way of describing what was happening, and I couldn't have said it better myself.  This is a band that seems as relaxed as possible almost like a day at the beach for them all the while keeping everything very tight.  The quick glances of approval and smiles can't be missed on stage and as a fan it reminds you that this is as exciting if not more so  for them as it is for us.  This mutual joy makes the set even more interactive and enjoyable.  
Add to it all the killer sound work with light and projection shows that would impress the pickiest of fans and you have a well-rounded package offering the crowd a full and enjoyable experience from top to bottom.  Now with the set coming to an end the band drops into the final song of the new album Homunculus: “In the Basement of the Almo” one final chance for each member to show what they have all worked on, and how the new album translates into the live setting.  All the while keeping it together and not fighting or over shadowing each other. Again their chemistry shone through.  As the show ends the crowd full of friends, family and a ton of new fans seem as if they are beyond satisfied with the evening.  
The magic that unfolded in front of them was a musical treat in the live setting we all gobbled up, myself included.  As the night winds down I have a quick chance to speak with Isaac Sr. father of drummer Isaac Jr. about the show that just took place. By the looks of him he is as proud as can be and for good reason. Upon brief conversation he mentions that what “ gets him high” is watching his son perform and doing exactly what makes him happy as well as seeing the other members grow as they do all together each and every show is a testament to this.  Honestly that about sums it up.  These guys left me smiling and looking for more and thankfully that seems likely with stops at Domefest,  Summer Camp and Floyd Fest all on the schedule as well as many other shows throughout the country. If you haven’t heard them check them out at one of the above festivals or head on over to  get on board. 
These guys are also trying to land a spot on “The Gathering of The Vibes” lineup so if you want to see them play there head on over to the festival sight and cast your vote.  Tauk new album, Homunculus is released today, April 30th and available on iTunes HERE.
Tauk schedule as of now:
Domefest in Tera Alta Va April 27th
The Bayou in Albany Ny May 10th
Spike Hill Brooklyn Ny May 17th 
The Social Lounge West Chester, Pa May 18th 
Summer Camp Music Festival Chillicothe Il May 26th 
The Gramophone St Louis Mo May 28th 
The Bridge Columbia MO May 30th 
The Tonic Room Chicago Il May 31st 
The Floyd Fest Floyd Va July 25th
Floyd Fest Floyd Va  July 26th
ShwizZ schedule as of now: 
Gathering at The Great Divide Newton Nj April 27th 5:15 set time
MAMAStrawberry Jam Music Festival  Northville Ny May 17th 4pm set time
Bethel Ny w/FiKus on June 8th
The Bitter End New York City June 14th 1 am set time
Opel Topple Music Festival  Warrington Pa June 15th 2 am set time
Olive’s Nyack Ny on July 13th
MazFest Music Festival Roscoe Ny August 3rd and 4th  tba
The Big Up Music Festival Ghent Ny  August  9th and 10th  tba
Hulavom Music Festival Vernon Nj August 24th 8 pm set time
Susquejamma Music Festival  August 30th Headlining time tba
Catskill Chill Music Festival Sep 6-8th Hancock NY tba  

Words: Chason Heins
Photos: Mike Geller

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