Bitcoin came into existence in January 2009. Initially, Bitcoin does not have any built-in value as it was not traded publicly. With the onset of 2010 value of Bitcoin started to get momentum. The commercial transaction of Bitcoin happened in may 2010.

2011 was the year of bitcoin and the year to remember for many reasons for crypto traders. As Bitcoin is an open source code currency, anyone and everyone on the network can use it without thinking twice about the copyright. With this idea, many new cryptocurrencies started to evolve. Following it Litecoin came into existence which is also referred to as silver in the crypto world.

In February 2011 Bitcoin first achieved parity with the dollar in the history of cryptocurrency. In next four months, bitcoin got about 3000% appreciation and was at its peak, and was traded at $31.  Bitcoin started garnering the attention of the media at the onset of 2012. This year many companies started to adopt it as a form of payment. In October same year 10000 merchants were reported to accept bitcoin. The year 2012 saw a steady rise in the price of bitcoin. At the beginning of the year, bitcoin was traded at $4 and the year amended with bitcoin trading at $13.

In 2013 bitcoin became the major reason for the financial crisis, it played a  major role in the financial crisis of Greek and Cypriot and finally entrenched itself as a part of the financial system. Because of the Cypriot financial crisis, many found refuge in bitcoin which was a somewhat safer choice at that time. The trade value of bitcoin which was $13 at the end of 2012 has grown to $280 now. But the end of the year had seen sudden crash and rebound.

The year 2014 was a bit turmoil for bitcoin. But again at the end, 2015 bitcoin market started to improve. In 2016 bitcoin market price started at $400 but gradually it started to peak the market value and ended the year with 130% appreciation the trading value rose up to the benchmark of $1000.

The year 2017 was a golden year for Bitcoin, it has seen its all-time high in the market. in October its price rose up to 300% and trading value reached the all-time high of $4900. It is currently trading at $4200.

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