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Thursday, April 4

DAMN, this just got interesting! 64 Best Jam-Band March Madness (The Elite Eight)

Two years ago we ranked what we saw as the top 64 Grateful Dead songs and had them go head to head in "March Madness Bracket" fashion until "Terrapin Station" won the 3-week long contest.  Last year we did it again with Phish songs and "YEM" came out on top.
This year Kevin and I have worked on compiling a bracket of the top 64 jam-bands and starting Monday we will putting them up against each other on our Facebook Page.  Each round we will update here on the website with a new bracket.  We know we cant put them all in there and as hard as we try there will be "that" band that we've overlooked, but for the most part we believe this is the best lineup we could come up with.  We are at the Elite8, which is not a bad lot of bands if I do say so myself.  We feel like we seeded this year pretty accurate because we have 2 #1seeds (Phish, Allman's) Vs. 2 #2seeds (moe., Umphrey's).  Then what couldn't have been more perfect, 2 non-jam bands that slowly won over the jam band, hippie audience with #3 Primus Vs. a cinderella of sorts with Geneen Freeman and #13seed Ween!  The last of the Elite8 is IRONIC.  We already know the winner because a very big piece is missing from our 2nd band, but alas, like when the same actor goes head to head for the same award #1seed the Grateful Dead takes on #3seed Furthur.
If anything we, you, us....well, we keep it interesting.  
matches per day until championship MONDAY!
Share the matches with your friends and get our the fans- Max Creek showed how using Facebook to network a ton of friends to vote can throw a HUGE upset? UMPH LOVE over The Original SOUTHERN JAM BAND!!!
May the best bands win.
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