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Tuesday, March 12

Why Phish will play the "The Sweetwater Music Hall" or "Terrapin Crossroads" on August 1st

Phish has always held the members of the Grateful Dead and the music that the Grateful Dead created in a special place in their heart.  They owe a lot to the GD for blazing a trail that Phish and their fans and many other bands have gone on to personalize and make their own. 
The connection between Phish and the Grateful Dead doesn't stop there though.  Trey and Page help treat fans of both prolific bands during "The Warfield Phil and Friend's Shows", with Steve Kimock and more, they performed mostly Grateful Dead tunes but also hit up some Phish classics as well.  Trey also toured briefly on a bill coined exclusively as Phil and Trey, Gordon joined in on these shows, i.e. Vegoose 2006, and while not notably successful in world of musical joint-projects they were always highly anticipated and mostly enjoyable shows.  Mike also has credited a lot of his approach and style to playing bass to that of Phil Lesh.  
Meanwhile Big Red has been caught on tape doing an interview with Weir talking about the experience of his first Dead show and how he was taken aback by the bands relationship to their fans and vice versa.  This always stuck with him, he said and we can all agree it it one of the many gifts passed from one band to another.  Further, Phil and Bobby have both sat in with Phish.  Last year Mike joined Phil and Bobby at TRI studios for the 4+ hour "Day's Between" webcast.  As mentioned earlier both Furthur front men and Marin County Venue entrepreneurs have played with Phish, Phil after the famous Phil and Friends shows mentioned earlier, bouncing on a third trampoline during "YEM" and bringing some "Cold Rain and Snow" and more to the show.  Bobby played with Phish during the encore during another Shoreline show, this one in October of 2000, where he joined the band for "Chalk Dust Torture" and their first ever take on "West L.A. Fadeaway".  

On a drum note, even though he happily resides in Hawaii, 7 Walkers drummer and Grateful Dead co-founder, Billy Kreutzmann came out not too long ago with the entire band and with his entire drum kit in tow during their redemptive 2009 run at Red Rocks.  So where these leaves us with tour dates now solidly in on paper one can only expect that on that night off, on Jerry Garcia's birthday, August 1st, 2013; Phish or one of their member's or more will play at the newly opened/renovated and highly popular Terrapin Crossroads, or at Bobby's recently re-opened Sweetwater.  Who knows the details, maybe it'll be a last minute thing, but the smart money is on that at least something will happen that Thursday Night.  Maybe a sit in or a full-fledged Phish show with Bobby and or Phil coming out for a brief hello and song or two.  I say don't spend the 1st of August enjoying beautiful Lake Tahoe, but instead high-tail it into the city, or rather the bedroom community that sits just North of it across the Golden Gate and catch what just might be one of the most exciting shows on this tour yet to be announced.
And one final note to leave you with.  It has been over 12 years since Phil or Bobby sat in with Phish.  If this show in Marin does happen would the boys return the favor at Bill Graham on one of those next three nights?  We will see.
We miss you Jerry.
-Sammy Martin
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