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Tuesday, November 13

LivePhish - TAB - 10/26/12 - The Beacon Theatre - NY, NY

LivePhish has continued to provide downloads from Trey's brief Fall Tour that took place last month in support of his new album, Traveler.  The latest download is the Oct 26th show at The Beacon Theatre in New York City.  The second set includes a uniquely funky "Sand" and an elongated "Last Tube".
It can be downloaded here, below is the setlist.
Cayman Review (7:21)
Pigtail (6:49)
Gotta Jibboo (9:31)
Scabbard (6:13)
Frost (7:00)
Sleep Again (5:22)
Magilla (3:24)
Ooh Child (6:43)
Burlap Sack and Pumps (7:36)
Corona (6:03)
Money, Love and Change (10:18)
Push On 'Til The Day (8:33)
The Land Of Nod (3:55)
Simple Twist Up Dave (10:37)
Drifting (6:55)
Valentine (6:07)
Sand (11:28)
Architect (7:23)
Night Speaks to a Woman (9:02)
Clint Eastwood (4:36)
Last Tube (14:05)
The Devil Went Down To Georgia (7:13)
Heavy Things (5:26)
First Tube (7:40)
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