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Thursday, October 18

Phish and The Dead Fantasy Football: Week 6 Results

With six weeks down the coaching begins as teams have to shuffle players around bye weeks and find ways to keep their roster full and loaded.
Team:Phish (Sammy) - Suffered his first loss of the season this past week and as the score-card below shows: the winners are slowly pulling away from the losers.  The season is not even half over so good luck to everyone in week 7!
Spock's Brain 5-1
Phish  5-1
The Texican Cousins 4-2
Team Cactus 4-2
Shag's McGrupps 3-3
Reba's Ladles 3-3
GratefulDead 3-3
Garcia's Gang 2-4
The Phishy Pack 2-4
Jerry's Kids 1-5
2nd Set Tweezer 0-6
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