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Wednesday, October 10

Phish and The Dead Fantasy Football: Week 5 Results

Pushing into the second quarter of the season, PYITE has a (4-1) record, with most other teams hovering at the (3-2) and (2-3) mark.Phish (Sammy) went up against Texican Cousins and pulled off yet another victory to remain the only undefeated team in the league at (5-0).....Shag's McGrupp, however erupted with the most points of the week with a total of 134.  Week 6 awaits us!
 Phish 130
Texican Cousins 103
Spock's Brain 122
Team Cactus99
Grateful Dead 82
Reba's Ladies 59

Shag's McGrupp 134
Jerry's Kids   91
Garcia's Gang 76
2nd Set Tweezer 41

PYITE        87
Phishy Pack  53

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