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Wednesday, September 26

Phish and The Dead Fantasy Football: Week Three Results

Week three of the Phish and The Dead Fantasy Football league started to show who's ON FYAH!! and who's about to FADE AWAY!
With only two undefeated teams left: Phish-(Sammy) and Team Cactus-meetup this week.  Only one can come away unscathed.  Otherwise a week full of blowouts....Phishy Pack should pack it up and PYITE was literally punched in the eye by Spock's Brain!
Good Luck in Week 4!

  Phish 120
Shag's McGrupp 96

Team Cactus 106
Jerry's Kids 66

Reba's Ladies 122
2nd Set Tweezer 80

Texican Cousins 76
Grateful Dead 60

Garcia's Gang 105
Phishy Pack 43

Spock's Brain 113

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