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Thursday, September 13

New Feature: The Wheels Behind The Scene - People who keep the show on the road!

Grateful Music Publications is excited to announce that we are starting a new feature where we will profile the role of someone behind the scenes who helps keep tours, festivals and shows on the road and up and running!  
Every week or so one of our staff writers or Admins will pick a person, i.e. a road-crew, lighting director, tour manager, sound engineer, bus driver etc, someone who has a major role and impact behind-the-scenes and  silently keep the show up to the fans expectations.
We realize it takes a lot more than 4, 5, 6 or 7 musicians to help created these amazing musical experiences and thought it would be cool to learn a little more about those who silently keep the lights on fire and the sound pristine.
Stay Tuned For Our First Installment!
Thanks- Sammy & Kevin
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