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Saturday, September 1

Fuck YOUR Face!

Phish's first of three nights at Dick's Sporting Good Park, which will in effect close out their Summer Tour was filled with elongated jams, plenty of stage banter, and a encoded message.

Opening the show with "First Tube" the band didn't relent even for a moment through their entire intro. Then after a Mike led "Uncle Pen" they began playing jammed out versions of Carini, a staple YEM with a funny vocal jam,(Fish Loves Dicks, Trey Loves Dicks, We all love Dicks....etc) they also played a 10+ minute Ocelot and a nearly 16 minute "Undermind"- that for lack of having a history with this song,  I would call it the best version I've ever seen.  Opening the 2nd set; they continued down the path of total jammastery with a 20 minute Runaway Jim and 18.5 minute "Chaulkdust Torture"  These few but well jammed songs finally gave way to the bands first take on "Emotinal Rescue" in a decade.
Leaving us all to wonder what could these songs mean? "First Tube" "Uncle Pen" "Carini" "Kill Devil Falls" "YEM" "Ocelot" "Undermind" "Runaway Jim" "Farmhouse' "Alaska" "Chaulk Dust" "Emotional Recue" and then the obvious was revealed with the 2nd set closer "Fuck Your Face".  The title in which was spelled out with the 1st letter in the names of the previously played songs.  After which they encored with a light and sonically pleasing "Grind" which was almost too contrasting to the rage in the prior "FYF" and a fun, yet very technical "Meatstick".  It's pointless the try and figure or even discuss if only for fun why they did this.  We know they have a sense of humor.  I''d hang it up to that, not political, hurtful, emotional, distracting.  Even better the execution of this musical concert cipher was beyond exceptional.  It was quite the night for the band.
Just a side note from the author and editor: I do not mind that Phish doesn't jam like they used too.  Last night was awesome, so are the tight-chested 25 song shows.  I think they are happy and performing superbly.  I love a good jam once in a while, but what I really love is a good show, and frankly I don't need Type II jamming to have one.
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