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Wednesday, July 11

Weir, Gordon, Russo, and More To Honor Jerry's 70th @ TRI Studios


Move Me Brightly is what they are calling it.  Celebrating Jerry Garcia's 70th Birthday on Aug 3rd from Bobby's TRI Studios in Marin County, California musicians such as Mike Gordon, Bob Weir, Joe Russo, Jeff Chimenti, Neal Casal and more will be broadcast live in the highest definition over the inter-webs.  Stay tuned for more information on this.
Here is a link to most comprehensive info regarding this event from
"The event will also include exclusive interviews with Garcia’s peers, including Carlos Santana. David Crosby’s moving tribute, “’Cause I’m Missing Him Tonight,” penned specifically for the occasion, will be read during the show. Actor Luke Wilson ( The Royal Tennenbaums, Old School, Anchorman) will take a moment away from his day job to emcee the event. The entire event will be streamed online."
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