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Thursday, July 19

TheOpinion: The People Vs. The Disco Biscuits - A Fan Fights Back

Back in when they started to rise to some fame, drum and bass may have been popular but The Biscuits were the only band at the time to turn that DJ Jungle EDM into and entire live-show production accompanied with beautiful lights and nonstop dance beats. When you go out to see the Disco Biscuits one is guaranteed a full night of dancing to smooth grooves with peaceful relaxing or intense mind melting peaks.  I would best describe a Disco Biscuit show the way residences in the town of Maryville, New York describe what Camp Bisco is to them: “Organized Chaos.”

The Biscuits get a bad rap across the country for many rumors that are in fact untrue and apply to many if not all bands in the scene. 1) The Biscuits fans are druggy’s and are not in it for music? That’s an absurd accusation. If you’re a real druggy chances are you don’t know much about the Biscuits or any of their lyrics and you’re only going to the show to get some hula hoop tosh. 2 ) Nitrous and the Disco Biscuits go together like Nitrous and Philly. This is not true.  Every electronica jam band or dubstep act has the capacity and the vulnerability to have tanks in their lots. It’s all dependent on the location or venue of the show and the security. 3) The Biscuits songs are long boring repetitive and by some considered childish sounding. Yes the Biscuits songs are long.  However, they are amazing to dance to and the rapid-fire live drumming of Allen Aucoin makes it impossible for you not to dance. 
Every "jam band" tends to have long songs and if you love jam music, Grateful Music,  then you shouldn’t mind lengthy jams. The lyrics are in many occasions deep and poetic however they can be easily over looked and melodically perceived as childish. Same goes for Phish- yet that argument is far and few.  The Biscuits allow me to do what I've always wanted: remain a kid no matter how old I am.
Prosecutor: The Jam Band Scene
Defense: Josh Greenberg 
Edited: Sammy Martin
All Photos: Kelsey Winterkorn
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