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Tuesday, July 31

Review and Photos: The Stone Foxes - Neurolux Lounge - Boise, ID - 07/27/12

On a sweltering Friday evening in Boise, Idaho, the cool, dark expanse of the Neurolux lounge was a welcome respite. Halfway through a cool beer and after a pleasant chat with the low key friendly lads known as the Stone Foxes, they took to the stage and burst to life. Bringing the temperature right back up with them. “We have never played here, but we already like it” chimed drummer Shannon Koehler, “the darkness suits us.” Opening with the gritty blues shout-along, “Beneath Mt. Sinai” from their self-titled debut.  They looked right at home.
The Stone Foxes hail from San Francisco, and have spent the last two years touring relentlessly; playing everything from festivals to cramped honky-tonks, East Coast, West Coast and everywhere in between. The band used most of the set to showcase new material from their soon-to-be-released third album, and though tangible elements of San Francisco’s rich psychedelic history seep into the ‘Foxes dirty blues swagger, their jams aren’t filled with excess. The band plays sharp, tight and to the point.
New(er) addition to the band, Elliot Peltzman, who has been with the Foxes for over a year added subtle texture with his deft keyboard/Rhodes combo and set the stage for the foot stomping “Ulysses Jones”, led by lead guitarist Spence Koehler’s growling vocals.
Driven by Shannon Koehler’s thunderous drumming and vocalist Aaron Mort’s punchy, fuzzed out bass lines the band launched into another new cut titled, “Cotto”. This catchy tune featured vocal exchanges between the two, and accompanied by Spence Koehler’s searing guitar-work, it was an instant crowd pleaser.
Not only were vocal duties shared, but instruments were swapped as well. When Mort discarded his bass and stepped behind the drum kit, Shannon Koehler took center stage and punctuated his howl with a distorted blues harmonica.  This is something the Foxes have become well known for.
Closing out a rousing set with the heavily distorted “Mr. Hangman” from 2010’s critically acclaimed “Bears & Bulls” Koehler even turned the mic to patrons gathered around stage, allowing everyone a chance to belt out the lines “you know that I love you, but you ain’t worth the trouble!” 
These guys play with such energy, it is impossible not to sing along, stomp a foot or shake a hip, and the electricity of their music could be felt long after the amps were switched off. With a new album in the making, The Stone Foxes should be on everyone’s radar.
Words and Photos:
Joe Flick
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