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Wednesday, July 25 goes 4.0 - Face Value Ticketing At It's Finest

We at Grateful Music (Phish and The Dead, Beats and The Dread and Phishapedia) are proud to be partners with Cash or  They have paved the way for thousands of fans to get that special hard-to-find ticket or tickets at a fair value. Turns out the good news just keeps getting better.  They have just announced their latest and greatest interface...yes they beat Phish to 4.0.  Below is message from our friends at COT.  They can seriously set you up to honestly trade for or away from that ticket in hand.

COT goes 4.0!! Thank you for embracing the face value mission! The past 3 years have been amazing. This face value community has grown to over 30,000 strong and continues to set the standard within the ticketing industry. Welcome to the new version of 4.0. While this new website is undergoing changes we hope that the 4.0 framework affords us the ability to expand on all the great ideas and feedback we have gathered over the years. We have organized the website into 3 main genres; Tickets, Products, and Community. Offering face value tickets, products for cash or trade, and community posts like rides, housing, and services will make it easy to close the loop and unite this good spirited, fair trade community. Our Trade List API integration is one of our proudest accomplishments. The CashorTrade Trade List API technology is easy to use and simple to plug into any website or blog offering a feed of CashorTrade posts in real time to your site's visitors. View our partners.

Features under construction are our COT Storefronts and COT Groups. All members will have the ability to set up their very own COT Storefront where products and trades can be organized and searched on. COT Groups will provide you the ability to share your trades to sub-communities within the greater CashorTrade network.

We are members of, and run many face value trading groups. The Phantasy Tour Face Value Group, the CashorTrade Facebook Group and Page, our Twitter Network, the iTour Mobile App, and many other Facebook Trading networks. Giving each group an exclusive place within COT should make trading with close friends extremely easy. The texting, phone calls and email chains will be replaced with an easy to use interface.

Stay tuned as we continue to release new features. We welcome your feedback. By continuing to embrace face value we hope to restore affordable ticket prices, and renew the concept of ethical barter. We will continue to work with our legislators and provide you with the tools to become part of the process. With the new framework anything is possible, and we are dedicated to making a positive change in the industry. Thank you for your support and embracing face value.
We send a special thanks to Adam Scheinberg for all his help with this project. Thank you Adam.

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