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Sunday, June 3

Wakarusa 2012 - Friday - Awards / Photos / Summary


You know that great t-shirt? The one that say's I wish I could live in a music festival.  If that were true, I would pick Wakarusa to call my home.  Music reigns from seemingly everywhere, while your immersed in the wonders of nature. So from high on the mountain top, without further ado here are Grateful Music's Friday awards. 
Best Set of the Say Award: goes to Umphrey's McGee for there late-night heroics. They were a mind scramble from go. Epic in every way!
Best Personal Concert Award goes to the Devil Makes Three for their pristine performance in the media center. 
Best Lady of the Festival Award: goes to this Native American masseuse. She not only made me feel like a baby. She saw into my soul until I wept like one. 
Best Combo Performance Award: goes to The Royal Family Ball Featuring Soulive & Lettuce. The two bands performances flowed perfectly together. As the funk never stop. 
Best Original performance Award: goes to Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros. There orchestrated chaos was like a shot of coke in the morning. 
Best Cover Of the Day Award: goes to Umphrey's McGee for their insane version of Paul McCartney's classic " Live and Let Die". 
The You Ain't From Round Around Here Award: goes to this alien. 

Best 2 Straight Night Award: goes to Railroad Earth who improved on the heroics of last night to deliver another tasty set. 
Best Party Award: Goes to Girl Talk for their Pink Floyd style dub. They had the audience in the palms of their sub woofers as it rained confetti & confusion. 
The What The Fuck is Happening Award: goes to Ghostland Observatory for their unique sound & stage show. It is hypnotic and is equal to mixing pop rocks and coke cola.... 
The I am so Glad they are playing again tonight Award: goes Umphrey's McGee who literally get better every time I see them. 

Things get weird here Early & Often so I will see you when I see you. 
Words:Kevin Long
Photos: Dustin Brown&Ellis Jones
 © Phish and The Dead - a Grateful Music Publication