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Friday, June 1

Wakarusa 2012 - Thursday - Awards / Photos / Summary

And so it begins at WAKARUSA 2012…….. since it never ends with round the clock music fueling everyone's insatiable appetite for pleasure. There really is only one place in the world like Mulberry Mountain. Without further ado here are Grateful Music's Thursday Awards! 
Set Of The Day Award: goes to who else, but Bob Weir, Jackie Greene and Chris Robinson. They complimented one another perfectly. The end result was one of my favorite Bob performances in some time.
Teen Wolf Lives Award: goes to this ukulele playing van surfing good time guy. 
Best Restaurant of the Festival: goes to this quaint place with unbeatable prices!
Somebody Had to Start the Festival Award: goes to The Big Wu.  Their inspiring set reminded the prompt crowd they are still a force on the music scene.
Best Surprise of the Day Award: goes to ALO. Sammy has been screaming this California rock band praises, but I had to witness the madness for myself. It never hurts when Jackie Greene sits in on a number or two either. 

Best Ass Award: is a toss-up between this peach and these white apples. 

Best Cab Driver Award: easily goes to Hunter S. Fucking Thompson. That was some ride. Best 2 bucks of my life!
Throws the Best Party Award: goes to Pretty Lights. Who took a volatile crowd and turned it into Tokyo on Acid.  Sammy Put 2 photos here! Crowd and Pretty Lights!
The Stud of the Day Award: goes to my man crush, Mr. Jackie Greene. Whether sitting in with ALO or playing all the right heart strings with the trio. He was on fire while continuing his journey to take over the world.   

Best Bluegrass On the Mountain Award: goes to Railroad Earth for their stirring sunset show.
Best Late Night Band: goes to Perpetual Groove for their fascinating and explosive set. 
Best Sit in Award goes to Peter Carbone Of R.R.E who sat in with Tea Leaf Green for some early morning magic.
Best Song Of the Night Award: goes to the stirring "Throwing Stones" by The TRIO. 
Until Then……..Still Waiting!  
Words: Kevin Long
Photos: Dustin Brown & Ellis Jones
 © Phish and The Dead - a Grateful Music Publication