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Tuesday, June 12

Best Of: Bonnaroo 2012 (Phish, Radiohead, Dispatch and More!)


Best Light Show -- Phish
Worst Performance – EMA (painful, slow death)
Best Performance – Umphrey’s (4 hour set! Played until sunrise!)
Best Set List – Dispatch (hit after hit)
Best Stage Banter -- Thom Yorke (Radiohead) Gems included: In reference to the flag draped over his piano: “Do ya like my flag?! Free Tibet muthafuckas!” In response to balloons in the crowd: "Balloonies!!" and in reference to a song debut: "We're going to play a new song, we hope you like it. But if you don't it's too bad, because it's what we're doing now!" And also an invitation to the crowd to "Have a suitably messed up weekend" followed by a somewhat unintelligible rant about sleeping face-down on your stomach after taking acid--an apparently "British tradition." 
Best Un-Official Stage Banter – The Mogwai security dude said he was going to rename all the tents and stages and then proceeded to do so:
"We're gonna change the name of This Tent to now be called the "Who" 'Who the fuck is this band again?' The Which Stage is now going to be called the 'My girlfriend dragged me to see this band' stage, and the What Stage is now the "My future girlfriend is gonna be so impressed that I saw this band' stage... Oh, and the fountain is now going to be called the Hep C fountain. thank you that is all."
Best Encore - Radiohead with 8 songs, 2 separate encores:
Encore 1: "You And Whose Army?", "House of Cards", "Supercollider", "Bodysnatchers", "True Love Waits" / "Everything in its Right Place"
Encore 2: "Give Up the Ghost", "Reckoner", "Paranoid Android"
Best Cover – TIE a'capella “Down in the Valley to Pray” by Avett Bros. or Mrs. Robinson semi-teaser (during "Out Loud") by Dispatch.
Most Talked About of the Weekend– tie between Rubblebucket and the rumor that Jack White would be joining Superjam
By: Elyssa Karanian

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