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Friday, May 25

Wakarusa: Artist Profile: The Devil Makes Three

The Devil Makes Three doesn't have amps that go to eleven. No flashy props, no lead singer that's going to shake their hips for the teenyboppers to swoon over. Hell, there isn't even a drumkit on stage. There doesn't need to be. The Santa Cruz, CA group has been turning out the kind of music that shakes hips and rattles windows with nothing more than steel strings, wooden boxes and a large helping of punk-rock attitude for a decade now, all the while maintaining all the edge and authority of a straight-blade razor. Ladies and gentlemen, this ain't your John Denver variety of folk music. Rather, the outfit has used their blend of old-time, bluegrass, blues, ragtime and other acoustic music traditions to create the soundtrack for a proletariat landscape where the men are strong, the women are proud, and the whiskey mingles with the blood.

By: Kelsey Winterkorn - Slim's (SF,CA) -2011

DM3 write the sorts of songs you'd expect to hear coming out of the speakers in a rusty pickup truck while driving up the holler to check on the still, or swapped between hobos in a lonely boxcar a long ways down the track. It seems that in ten short years, the band has already woven itself into America's folklore, adding its own unique voice to a tradition that stems back over a century and now rests fittingly in their capable, tattooed arms. “Classic” is a term that has lost its meaning in the radio era of today, but the group's sound certainly is Timeless. These songs could have been written 100 years ago, and damned if they won't outlive us all. It's drinking music. It's dancing music. It's whatever the hell kind of music you want it to be, as long as you like your music raw, rowdy honest, and packing more bite than the hellhounds licking at your heels.

The Devil Makes Three will be playing The Revival Stage from 6-7:30 at Mulberry Mountain this Friday June 1st.
By: Jed Nussbaum

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