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Friday, May 11

Wakarusa: Artist Profile: ALO

ALO is a band in total evolution but their one constant over the years has been their ability to extract great music that incites people to get down and dance at any level.  Whether it be with their studio work; noted albums such Roses & Clover, Man Of The World and the newly released Sounds Like This are jam packed with diggable-grooves filled with smooth lyrics, soothing harmonies, wicked jams and tight musicianship.  During their live show a whole nother animal- no pun intended-comes out,  That animal would be their ability to improvise, take their well structureed studio songs and rare musical covers of classics we all know and love and contort them in a way that has ALO written and played all over them.
With the new album comes a new tour and with this tour comes festival appearances and one we'd like to profile is their appaearance at this years upcoming Wakarusa Festival.  Opening up the Main Stage on the last day of May ALO will perform nearly a two hour set of raucous soul-filled rock and roll.  They are the 1st big named band on the bill. Cheerfully ready to grab your attention while the festival is young, and the Animal inside you is ripe to be Liberated.  Slated right after stage openers The Big Wu, the other stages while filled hardly have a name worth seeing during ALO's residency at Mulberry Mountain.  While this traveling act will be on the road continuously over the Summer and make some other notable festival stops. Wakarusa 2012 is sure to be one not missed.
Wakarusa is close to being sold out.  And with it 20 days away we would highly recommend if you haven't nabbed your tickets you get on the ball, and once there you get down early on Thursday and setup your camp.  Then take off your shoes as you dance the afternoon into evening to one of the greatest bands to comes out of California in the past 2 decades.  Who knows, you might even get an early festival collaboration as ALO is well known for and if not, Zach, Dan, Dave and Steve are enough to tear the jet-lag from your mind, the road warrior spirit from your soul, and get you warmed up for 4 days of non-stop insanely good music.
By: Sammy Martin

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