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Sunday, May 27

Sasquatch! Festival - Day 2 - Saturday, May 26th - The Gorge


"I cant even hold it together", heard from the crowd.  For thee masses have joined in force, fans in unison- they have chosen their tribe and been set free in the Wild Western Desert that is the Columbia River Basin. Running a muck -the patrons of Sasquatch! on day 2 were if it not for the 3 days of music ahead of them they travel with a seasoned feeling, yet among the crowd there isn't, there is anxiety in the air- good anxiety the kind that comes with the anticipation of an upcoming holiday.
Starting the day of in good folk-rock fashion the Black Whales tore through a raucous set of Americana-dripped Sub-Pop. With raw uncensored electric guitar balanced with harmonica and rapid fire drumming The Yeti Stage was the place to be at high noon. Not to be eclipsed the Sasquatch! Stage likewise on fire with Seattle's Pickwick polymorphic sounds setting the mood for the day as they echoed throughout the multiple stages and in and out filled nooks of the festival grounds.  Later on in the day Alabama Shakes did not disappoint as they lived up to their recently gained hype of being one of the hottest acts on the festival circuit. As mentioned in yesterday's summary, STRFKR was asked back for an encore performance that was even more energetic and crowd drawing than the one from Friday evening. Their ability to draw such a eclectic crowd to an otherwise pure pop- Cure derived sound is a testament to their popularity. Good call Sasqaucth!  Folk-genre up and comers Blitzen Trapper played a mellow and predictable set, but created a space for all in attendance to take in the soft reprisal from the otherwise fully-amped day.
Highlights that were not to be outdone was the amazing set by Helio Sequence with combo Guitarist/Vocalist Brandon Summers and Drummer Benjamin Weikel working in unison completely bringing the Bigfoot Stage to full capacity. Later on in the evening James Mercer's project The Shins, with a revolving cast of musical talent, ran through a gauntlet of crowd favorites as the sun gave way to surrounding hills, a beautiful sunset ensued no less. Jack White, the headliner of the day was completely electric and brought everyone to their feet with his (all men) backing band – with a bizarre yet untouchable vibe. The energy between Jack and his drummer, who was placed on stage directly aside the band leader was tangible as it flowed back and forth between the two and then out to the crowd and could see it as it transpired.  He played solo hits from his latest release Blunderbuss, White Stripe and other covers.  Closing out the night was The Roots, and for once in a long time, they brought it and left nothing on that stage. Covering Kool and the Gang, GnR and The Beastie Boys their night-time set was an excellent session to end out ones day.
Much is to be said about a hand-ful of other acts, but above all else these stood out, that and the costumes, face-paint, and camaraderie that encircle the Comedic/Electric Banana Shack...if Sasquatch! could just get more trash cans placed around this one-of-a-kind venue and the crowded (no pun intended) campgrounds they would have the perfect “R” rated setting for the perfect “R” rated festival, a place where you truly don't have to hold anything together.

Sunday we look forward to Trampled By Turtles, Blind Pilot, M. Ward, War On Drugs, Deer Tick, Howlin' Rain, Graffiti 6, Reignwolf, Little Dragon and the stand up comedy of Howard Kremer and Todd Barry.
Words: Samuel Martin
Photos: Carla Kilgore

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