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Saturday, May 26

Sasquatch! Festival - Day 1 - Friday, May 25th - The Gorge

It begins with a traffic jam.  No one walks to this festival, no one fly's in directly, and most definitely no on gets there on their terms alone.  Sasquatch! Is and endeavor of great feats.  The location, the bands, the capacity, the time constraints, the booking, feeding, vending and security.  It, like most large festivals is a mighty task.  On Day 1 @ Sasquatch! some areas of the festival struggled mightily with the winds and the huge manifest that came about, yet as the sun set over the Columbia River Gorge; all was well.  By the end of the night, most we're settled and tuckered down after an afternoon of chaos, wind-swept rain drops and an evening of madness.  But it's what happened in between that was truly magical.  The music and the people.  
Notched somewhere between twenty-thousand soldiering fans, some new and most alumni to the not-to-be-compared to Gorge Amphitheater was an eclectic crowd of young and old, experienced and new patrons.  All of whom came from countries afar and as close as the town down the road to be enthralled  by the dynamic singing of Politica, the mesmerizing and crowd favorites STRFKR (who were asked back on Day 2 for an enthralling encore performance) and Beats Antique.  Drawn deeply and lulled softly under the many lights, bells and whistles by an over-the-top performance by Explosions In The Sky and to be drawn out into the abyss beneath the sea of electronic samplings and waves of dub-step by Girl Talk and Pretty Lights.    
For all that was to be accomplished, the festival prevailed.  Was it well organized, no, not really.  Was it simple, not by a long shot.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely.

Day 2 holds many greats, we will for sure keep our ears pointed toward the likes of Alabama Shakes, Pickwick, The Shins, Helio Sequence and Jack White.
By: Sammy Martin

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