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Thursday, May 31

Sasquatch! Day 3 and Summary: Photos and More...

The madness has settled it's time to reflect, no it's not over, it's half way there and so far so good.  We've kept our sanity, reached out to new bands, been turned on to smaller acts, and enjoyed the warmth of the perfect 75degree Sunny Days, and temperate nights.  
Day 3 @ Sasquatch! was the gemstone at the jewelers. The culmination of good organization, great music, a relaxed feel and unbelievable weather all came together to create the perfect day during one of the most scenic and musically/fan diverse festivals of the year 2012.
Beginning the day, London based Graffiti6 took their pop-soul driven music to the Big Foot Stage.  Even though it was early in what was to be a perfect day weather and music wise they stole the show, and if there is an award for best new band it would go to Jamie Scott and his band, however they have 6 good years of touring under their belt, so "new band"- no, one of the best acts,  by far.  
Think Jamie Cullum- meets Jason Mraz with some ALO dance party thrown in for good measure.  A nice treat from across the pond, that left me looking them up on Google and buying their most recent album: 2010/2012 Colours.
Reignwolf was a one man band of astounding talent. Jordan Cook, AKA: Reignwolf took his act to the Yeti Stage early Sunday with driving guitar licks and simultaneous drumming, his dark-metal solo act was not to be missed. Video Below:
Later on the same Yeti Stage,  Classic-Jam Rockers Howlin' Rain brought their soul-filled jam infused blues rock from their home-base in San Francisco.  Not to be eclipsed by any other band, I would say this was the must see set of the weekend, aside from some of the larger acts on the Sasquatch! Stage.  
Their ability to work back and forth between each other musically and vocally was beyond intriguing, it was infectious and a well looked forward to treat during the warm mid-afternoon.
Todd Barry rocked the Banana Shack with his dry humor and sly comedic timing.  With Spaceman on the Maine Stage with their Seattle based Hip-Hop nearly drowning out his set, he pushed through and took jabs at current event, the festival, the media, and a recent tour through Wyoming and Montana.  It was non-stop-laughs!  His many years on the stand-up circuit was apparent throughout as his New York Style Wit drew laughs from a filled venue.
Brooklyn, NY Indie Rockers Here We Go Magic impressed deeply with their intricate guitar licks and shared jams between band leader Luke Temple and the diversly talented Jen Turner.  Their take on lo-fi psychdelia was ahh inspiring, an act you would love to see in a small venue for an entire show.  
With their most recent album 2012 A Different Ship showing them continuing in their successful direction of razor-sharp lyrical combos matched with incredibly infectious hooks and jams, they brought the evening on, as the Sun began to cross the pure-blue sky and head towards the acts of the late afternoon.
Deer Tick was by far the most interesting set of Sunday.  Their party based indie-rock, with a " I Don't Give A Fuck" attitude only added to their allure as they brought the Big Foot Stage to capacity.  
Dancing, screaming, moshing and partying fans took in every note and lick from front-man John McCauley who played well to the crowd whom of which, was as 6pm approached, just waking up for a night of great music.  The crowd interaction was tops, but the Beastie Boys, "Fight For Your Right" encore, topped what turned out to be a set that should have been booked twice as long.  
With only 45 minutes on stage, they did the best they could to pack in their hits, bring the folk-rock, and indie-rock and every person in the venue to their feet.  With stage antics, inner-band jokes and great camaraderie: Deer Tick was amazing.  Next year they will be a headliner.
Later in the evening Swedish pop-electro rockers Little Dragon impressed as Bon Iver played up to their hype and certified themselves as big name, Sasquatch! stage headliners.  With lights criss-crossing the sky for again, a third night, the festival vibe was truly magical.  The ravers had settled in and the Festival was super-organized.  The only factor that outshines the music was the weather and setting and this is one feature that no other festival in country has.  Yes, there are great venues, scenic-outdoor amphitheaters, but nothing beats The Gorge.  Well done.
Words: Sammy Martin
Photos: Carla Kilgore

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