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Saturday, May 12

Sasquatch! 2012 Festival Map - Stage Info and More

Sasquatch! 2012 is less than 2 weeks away and the Festival Ground Map is out!  It shows the configuration of the multiple stages: 5 This Year! Also the beautiful venue that overlooks the Columbia River Gorge and all of the fun stops, must need to know stops (H20 & Bathrooms) and the campgrounds that tend to be a hike, a true hike to and fro the venue.  Good news though, after dancing for hours late in to the night at least you will be reassured to know that this year the Festival Producers are allowing patrons to leave and reenter the venue as many a day as they choose.  As for the "ponds", I don't quite know what they hold except for maybe some scenic eye candy, I would guess that "Swimming, Fishing, Boating and or Water Sports of any kind will NOT be allowed on these small bodies of water.  See you there.  
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