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Thursday, May 3

Repost: Album Review: Mickey Hart Band - Mysterium Tremendum [2012]

 Mickey Hart - Mysterium Tremendum [2012]
By: Sammy Martin
On April 10, 2012 Mickey Hart released his long awaited and most masterful album to date. Mysterium Tremendum is a astral-trip through space and time riding upon the rhythm of sound waves, defying physics at the speed of light.  Packaged together and produced as a poly-rhythmic tribute to the outer regions of the Universe and crossed with West African Percussion,  it echoes through our ears as a masterpiece of musical craftsmanship.  Parts of this album belong in a art gallery, to forever be held accessible to the public to hear, indulge and enjoy.  An album that launches off in one direction and scatters forth in multitudes of rhythmic and sonic byways that is powered by an ensemble of jet-fueled talented musicians and vocalists.  Mickey and his driving drum beats were joined, and continue to be in the live setting, as he passes through the spires of heaven, never resting, but echoing in the ether's forever.

The twelve track album that is rightfully titled Mysterium Tremendum is a tremendous journey through multiple layers of genre and sound and space.  It starts off with spacey noise and effects.  It moves smoothly through each track with heavy danceable beats and with in-depth instrumentals creates a full sound experience.  A Room Of Sound, captured in electrons of an atom.  This is the most experimental album by Hart to date and while at times it feels very electronic with quick rhythms, and trance inducing space filling the gaps it also spaces out and touches on the outer-reaches of almost a hypnotic or rather naturalistic tribal sound.  Other times the songs are solid and grounded lyrically.  Though it is hard to compare such a well produced and unique album like this, if one had to, the music itself is a journey, and it touches on the likes of the sound of early Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd-esq space, and even a little bit of EOTO infused electronica.

This album is live.  The only synthetic sounds aren't even created, but rather captured from outer-space and transformed into a medium we can enjoy and listen to.  This to me is one of the most well put together albums of the year so far, with a lineup of guest talent that is too long to list, diverse production that just touches every sense in your body, and a “Djinn Djinn” that turns the whole song upside down, Mysterium Tremendum does not disappoint.  Rather it takes flight with you on board for a more than pleasurable journey through places never quite gone before.

1. Heartbeat Of The Sun 4:49
2. Slow Joe Rain 4:53
3. Cut The Deck 7:38
4. Starlight Starbright 6:46
5. Who Stole The Show? 3:52
6. Djinn Djinn 5:34
7. This One Hour 8:15
8. Supersonic Vision 7:06
9. Time Never Ends 6:49
10. Let There Be Light 4:11
11. Ticket To Nowhere 6:38
12. Through Endless Skies 7:21
Get the CD or MP3 Here or Check his upcoming headlining tour-dates Here!
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