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Monday, May 21

Hangout Music Festival- Sunday 5/20 - (Awards and Summary)

Words: Kevin Long
Photos: Ellis Jones
It’s 7:30 a.m. and we have just arrived back in Memphis.
So without further ado here are Grateful Music's Sunday Awards and Photos:

The Best Way to Start Your Day Award: goes to The Greyboy Allstars for their enthusiastic performance.  The cob webs in your head quickly turned into cotton candy, thanks in large part to Karl Denson magical lungs. 
The Best Seat in the House Award: goes to the V.I.P pool. It does not get much better than this. 
The Not So Bad Indie Rock Band Award: goes to Young the Giant because they weren’t so bad….really!
The Cheap Date Award: goes to this doll. The ladies were all over him! 
The Best Tribute to Levon Helm Award: goes to gospel legend Mavis Staples. Her powerful take on "The Weight" left few eyes dry.
The Damn, He Still Has It Award: goes to Steve Winwood. The former front man for Traffic led his talented band through a flawless performance. I was expecting a standard trip down memory lane, a so-called festival set. What transpired was anything but. This man crossed the pond with purpose. The jams came often as one highlight bled into the next. They played their classic “Light up or leave me Alone” better than any Phish version out there. Thank you Mr. Fantasy indeed. 
The Best New Group Award: goes to Flannel Church. Duane Trucks proves it’s in the blood line. This young group is extremely talented and I promise we will be enjoying them for years to come. Check them out!
The I Hope She's Not Pregnant Award: goes to this lovely lady who was hopefully "taking a nap" at 2pm, while ten feet away from the stage. 
The Coolest Tattoo Award: goes to this Gonzo-tribute.  We have a special place in our hearts for Hunter S. Fanfare!
The "Yep! It's hard to stay up for 3 days straight" Award: goes to this fellow and his friends who in their kindness to spare him some sort of dreadful sunburn buried him in the pristine sands of Gulfshores, AL!
The Deja Vu Award: goes to The Dave Matthews Band, who's headlining set was less than impressive.  We've seen it all before and it unlike fine wine does not get better with age.
The “What The Fuck Is Happening" Award: goes to The Flaming Lips for their remarkable performance of “Dark Side of the Moon". It was insanity at its finest.  They managed to transform the stage into Epcot Center on acid. From dancing Catfish to Swedish girls on ecstasy they had your freak out covered. The only aspect better than the eye candy, was the euphony expelling from the band. It was perfect in every way. 
Thank you so very much to Hangout Music Festival for another year of great music, amazing and creative accommodations, beautiful weather and good ole' fashion Southern Hospitality.  Alabama, you should be proud of how damn, nice ya'll tend to be.  Till next year.  Shaka!
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