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Sunday, May 20

Hangout Music Festival- Saturday 5/19 - (Awards and Summary)

Words: Kevin Long
Photos: Ellis Jones
Kevin Long: our resident Hunter S. - and music junky with no rehab insight!
Saturday surpassed my expectations in every conceivable way. It truly does not get much better than this. My only regret is I can’t be two places at once.  It hurt missing the Devil Makes Three and I only caught half of Gary Clark JR’s genius, but that is a dilemma I welcome.  Final thought before we get into the awards for today: Retire Red Hot Chili Peppers ……..
Without further ado here are Grateful Music’s Friday Night Awards and Photos:

The One Man Show Award: goes to Randy Newman. Playing on a bill with some of the words best D.J.s. Mr. Newman proved all you need is a piano and timeless songs to connect with the audience. He played tunes spanning his storied career and delivered an hour of pure joy. He is now off my bucket list and he was worth the wait.
Best Cover of The Day Award: goes to S.C.I for their rousing rendition of "I Know You Rider". The song took on a life of it's own. Closing out the satisfying first set. 
Best Way To Cool Off and Come Down Award: goes to this monstrous waterside. What A Rush!
The Best Jam of The Day Award: goes to the studs of the beach S.C.I. for the funk infused madness that was "Sirens".
The Dehydration Award: goes to the moron who scheduled Skrillex At 3:00pm in 84degree sunshine. His bravura performance had kids dropping harder than his relentless Sub-Bass. 
Best T-Shirt Award: goes to this guy who is empathetic to wooks and collects rare umbrellas. 
The Surprise Set of The Day Award: goes to the band Gogol Bordello. Their philosophy seems to be to have a party on stage and let it spread outward. Their sound is a jambalaya of all types of music and is served with passion. 
The Show of The Day Award: easily goes to The String Cheese Incident. They have finally found their balance and the sky is the limit. The set list was immaculate and they achieved a beach incident for the ages. Dancing by the ocean to "Mrs. Brown's Tea House" is right on so many levels. They delivered  the insanity that is a S.C.I show and from here on out this beach will never be the same.
The Most Unique DJ Set Award: goes to Shpongle. Mixing world music and not relying on the sub-bass for reaction. His set was a musical journey, I suggest you take.
They Thought of Everything Award: Goes to Hangout for these private sun shelters.
The Best Picking of The Day Award: goes to Michael Kang and Billy Nershi of S.C.I. While the whole band was on fire throughout both sets, these two shined all evening.
Tomorrow brings another solid line-up except that Dave guy ;) .... Until then.
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