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Friday, May 18

Hangout Music Festival Official Pre-Party - (Awards and Summary)


Words: Kevin Long 
Photos: Ellis Jones

Our feet did not touch the sand all evening but it was obvious the country’s premier music festival had officially begun.  For good reason the Hangout expanded on it's successful Thursday night "pre-party" from a year ago and turned an intimate small show at the club into a mini-festival all its own. At 2pm on Thursday, for a meager extras-$15 one was given access to a nice chunk of the festival-grounds, including two of it's stages.  On top of an intriguing line-up of artist, many attractions were available to enjoy. So if tonight was any indication of things to come The Hangout Music Festival will live up to it's award winning delivery from years past.
Without further ado here are Grateful Music's Thursday Night’s abbreviated Awards and Photos:
Best Set of the Night: Perpetual Groove They set the vibe for the night performing at The X-Box stage, by making the most of their mid-day set. Matt McDonald has had ample time to get acclimated with his old band mates since rejoining on keys in January. If this short set is any indication of things to come, they are back on track to make the next step.
Best Surprise of the Night: Delta Rae with their spiritual sound and tight songs forced one to take notice.
Best Electronic Duo of the Night: Is a tie, between Boombox and Big Gigantic. Both respected acts brought vigor to their shows,  mixing sampling with live instruments. 
Each of these popular and electic duos achieved their goal as the crowd danced passionately and with purpose.
The Moment of the Night: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band who effectively turned The Hangout Club into Bourbon Street with their iconic sound.
The Forever Hip Award: goes to Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The timeless jazz these legends delivered was a perfect way to end a diverse evening.
Best Place to keep a Pack Of Smokes: goes to this thoughtful lady....
Stay tuned the true-ceremony is about to begin.
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