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Saturday, April 28

Umphrey's: UMBowl III - 04.27.12 - Park West, Chicago

Umphrey's put on their third installment of their annual UMBowl Concerts.  With 4 quarters or sets with defined theme's during each and an encore or overtime to cap off the evening, Umphrey's McGee treated the Park West Attendees to amazing mixture of creative set-lists, challenging song-recreations and on the spot improvisation, with bust-out's galore!  Here is the amazing set list, we retrieved this info from our good friends at HiddenTrack Blog where they seem to keep up with EVERYTHING Umphrey's all the time!
Quarter One: All Request
Quarter Two: Stew Art Event
Quarter Three: Choose Your Own Adventure
Quarter Four: Raw Stewage

(8:01 CST) Quarter One: Flamethrower > Night Nurse > Voyager > Front Porch, Comma Later*, Help On The Way > Slipknot!, 46&2** (8:55)

(9:19) Quarter Two: Afternoon Nurse > Funk Our Face Off! > Middle Eastern Metal > Drum n Bass > Soaring Uplifting Jam Part 2 > Afternoon Bus Ride In Jamaica$ > Increasing Tempo Jam > Yacht Rock Jam$$ > Hip Hop Tribute% > Take Us To The Disco Tech (10:09)

(10:35) Quarter Three: All In Time > Glory > The Linear, August%%& > Bridgeless, Preamble > Mantis%% > Making Flippy Floppy > Nothing Too Fancy&& (11:30)

(12:05) Quarter Four: Mulche’s Odyssey 10/20/07 > The Haunt 06/10/06 > Bright Lights 02/11/11 > Intentions Clear 03/03/11, The Triple Wide 12/11/04 > Nemo 04/08/05, Groove Holmes 11/02/06 > In The Kitchen 01/22/09 (1:03)

(1:08) Overtime: Divisions (1:22)
* first time played, original
** first time played, Tool
$ with 4/1/03 Example 1 jam
$$ with Breezin’ jam
% with Tribute To the Spinal Shaft, I Keep Forgettin’, Xxplosive, and Gz and Huslatz teases
%% unfinished
& with Lay Down Sally jam
&& ending only
last Help On The Way 03/04/00
last Slipknot! 06/18/99

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