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Wednesday, April 25

Photo Contest Europe '72 Winners!

The Grateful Dead -1987-07-06 Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA. by: Toby Seay
We received a bunch of great photos from festivals, Phish, Grateful Dead and more.  All of our fans are amazing & have a great sense of humor and some a great eye behind the lens!  Congrats to Jim Baron for his quirky photo of himself and a giant Moose at Gathering of The Vibes 2000.  This truly captures the fun, extremism and weirdness that takes place at every festival across the country.  Our 2nd winner is Toby Seay, this is by far the coolest Grateful Dead shot we got!  Thank you for bringing Papa Bear back to Phish and The Dead.  He is our true fearless leader.
 Toby: If you still shoot photos we are always looking for good photographers to take photos at shows and festivals across the country!  Send us an email!  
Both photos are published...the photographer's credited if we were told who they are.  Send us your addy's so we can send off these awesome extended special edition Europe '72 HDCD sets!  And thank you to all who entered.
Jim Baran with "The Moose" @ Vibes 2001 maybe?
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