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Saturday, April 21

Europe '72, VOL 2 Giveaway - Essay Winner

Grateful Dead - Europe '72, Vol. 2 [Audio CD] by Grateful Dead
Thank you to all who entered our contest, we loved all of the essay's and short Dead stories.  It was hard to pick but the winner of our 1st Europe 72' contest is Brian Neil!  Brian we enjoyed you your story thoroughly.  It had everything we love, The Dead, Bruce and all I can think about is Pink Floyd with Bobby and the cigar.  
Let me share a great experience I had once at an Other Ones New Years eve show I attended 12-31-00 at The Oakland Coliseum.  I was working for the awesome Steve Kimock doing the merchandise table for the entire year and was given free tickets and backstage passed to the show that night.  Steve Kimock Band opened up for George Clinton and P-Funk and the The Other Ones.  After the Kimock set my friend Ruthie and I decided to go backstage and say hi to Steve and band in the dressing room.  We got  back there and walked into the dressing room.Steve and the band and family members were all hanging out and talking about the show.We asked Steve if he was gonna come out and play with the Other Ones which he said'I was not planning on it' and we laughed and said C'mon Steve thats half the reason we came to the show.  He laughed and then said " I will see what I can do'.
So we left the dressing room and decided to go wander around backstage during the Parliment set.  As soon as The Other Ones came on Ruthie and I walked up the stairs on the side and precede to hangout on the stage about 5 feet behind Bruce Hornsby's piano. The band walked onstage and as Bob Weir was getting ready to play he was smoking a fat cigar.He in turn handed me the cigar as he got ready to play. I was blown away by this and smoked the rest of it onstage during the 1st set:) We stayed and danced on the stage for the entire show which was magical.  Then to our delight Steve Kimock walked up and saw us and winked at us as he jammed with the band for about 5 songs:)  It was one of the best experiences of my life to dance onstage at The Oakland Coliseum while my favorite musicians played my favorite music.
It was a great New Years Eve! 
By: Brian Neil
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