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Tuesday, March 20



Tea Leaf Green Has Brewed Something New & Tasty

We all know San Francisco is a musical hub of all sorts, and we all know who is king of all bands from San Francisco, who are still guiding the scene as well as many other scenes across America. I figure most of you already know who that is but I will say the name anyways cause it's just enjoyable to say, The Grateful Dead. What some of you may not know is there is another band jammin’ and rockin’ their way across the country in hopes of being the next jam rock band people talk about from San Francisco. They go by the name of Tea Leaf Green, and yes they may never come close to Grateful Dead status, but they sure are trying and are already leaving their mark on the music industry. 
Tea Leaf Green which formed in the Bay Area in 1996 has seemed to have its fair share of ups and downs throughout their 15 years being together, with a crucial member leaving, new members joining, and criticism of all sorts on where there music was directed, going, and how they would establish themselves, TLG seemed to find its fit with playing live shows. The now five piece band consisting of Josh Clark (Guitar/Vocals), Trevor Garrod (Keyboard/Harmonica/Vocals), Reed Mathis (Bass), and Scott Rager & Cochrane McMillan (Drums) have made their biggest fan base via the incredible live improv even-flowing jam rock shows they continue to put on across the country.  The live Tea Leaf Green has always seemed to be a few notches better than any of their first six recorded studio albums, until the most recent release of “Radio Tragedy”; their newest album released this past year (2011), which seemed to open new doors for them musically as well as reach their full studio potential. Tea Leaf finally had seemed to join all forces with the same vision on an album and control their own sound in a controlled environment. “Radio Tragedy” has brought the most national studio attention I have seen or heard for this band throughout their history which can only get you thinking how epic their new live shows may be. With great songs such as “Easy To Be Your Lover”, “Germinating Seed”, and “Nothing Changes” the new rock n roll album from TLG is a mix of funk, soul, pop, and is a full on perspective of what the band has grown to be. 
Look for Tea Leaf to take it to the next level in 2012 with a mix of their older songs that the fans crave to hear live as well as the new songs from “Radio Tragedy”; there is no doubt in my mind that the live Tea Leaf Green experience is going to be at an all time high. They have their own way of jamming with shorter songs then your usual jam bands, but moving from song to song with no breaks, a mix of calm to heavy before you know what hit you,  and putting on a constant flow of musical madness that is led by the keyboard  and pop like vocals of Trevor Garrod. When it is time throughout any song they catch a crowd off guard better and improv off each other better than any band I have ever seen, which can only be contributed to the fact that they have been playing for over a decade together learning from each other and perfecting their sound only to garner more fans and keep impressing the fans they already have. So all I can say is be prepared Wakarusa and schedule this band into your personal agenda if you want to have some Tea that will be nothing short of the best kind of trip or ride.

Phish and The Dead are proud to be partnered with Wakarusa 2012 and will continue to profile different bands across multiple genres from the stellar lineup they have procured.

By: Zach Nelson (MissoulaLive) 
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