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Monday, March 12

Phish 64 Song Tournament - Round 1


After weeks of inquiry and many sleepless nights due to friendly disagreements the Phish & The Dead team have come up with the official 64 song- March Madness Bracket.  
So here are the rules:
Starting Tuesday Morning on our Facebook Page we put to the vote three of these match-ups.  We will do this each day, with the final match-up coinciding with the NCAA National Championship!  The fans, you, have 24 hours to vote To vote simply enter the song you want to win in the comment section under that match-up.  Nothing but the song name, and you can only vote once per match-up.  We will tally up the winners and as the tournament progresses we will post updates versions of the bracket.  
Click on the Photo of the bracket to enlarge.  Good Luck and Let the MADNESS Begin!
Matchup's are posted 8am EST on FB, voting runs 24hours.