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Monday, February 6

EOTO 3D Lotus Flower Stage

EOTO’s landmark stage production is set to launch this Thursday at the House of Blues in Boston.
 The fully immersive 3D lotus flower design, created by award winning VJ Zebbler, will showcase an array of HD video and lighting options, shaped in a full lotus flower, that will completely envelop the duo in a visual odyssey as they slice and dice their 100% live improvisation.
 EOTO is known for creating a one-of-a kind dance party featuring hours of improvised dub-step, house and trip hop created live before the audience. It’s truly a sight to see on its own accord. The duo is a running contender in the UK’s dub-step awards, and word has it that the band is faring well in the international competition. Winners will be announced in mid-Feb.

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