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Tuesday, November 8

Review: YMSB -House of Blues - Cleveland, Ohio - 11/3/11


Every time after seeing the Yonder Mountain String Band, I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a man in a Columbus bar around the year 1999. It went as follows, “This band is definitely going somewhere!” To which, they definitely did! This progressiveness of American bluegrass sweeping through all major cities and certain country towns is some of the best good-time fun I’ve experienced in all my years of touring through many genres of live music. When you see everyone in the crowd, bouncing, singing and smiling how can you not feel like this is the best spot to be on Earth! 

Yonder Mountain opened up well and strong with Bloody Mary and kept the energy going until the very end. Some crowd favorites were Harder they come, How bout you, and Pow>Girlfriend is better>Pow which literally sent me into a frenzy! Hearing the Talking Heads music with a mandolin = brilliance. Not to mention their wit and humor lets you know how excited they are to be on the stage, along with having a great sense of friendship with them.

I didn’t think a Yonder Mountain String Band show could get better after their last trip to Cleveland when they played the Beachland Ballroom. The place was packed and the crowd was ever so psyched. I recall them saying “Wow, I guess we should come back here more often than every 10 yrs” And true to form, they delivered again! 

All in all, Yonder Mountain is brilliant and going stronger than ever! 

Words:Sarah Rose
Photos: Michael Stein