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Wednesday, November 9

Review and Photos: Toubab Krewe - 11/7/11 -The Independent - SF,CA


Toubab Krewe's show feels something like a groovy trip around the world all the while exposing the audience to a listening experience into the history of percussion. Their sound is mainly a blend of surf and Southern Rock on top of African percussion, but you hear sounds from all genres creep in. 
As always with The Krewe you get treated to some great instruments that you rarely see, and it adds a very melodic yet tactile sound to their music as well as further complicating the rhythms and jams.  Toubab Krewe consists of Justin Perkins (Kora, Kamelngoni, guitar, percussion), Teal Brown (drums, congas), Drew Heller (guitar, piano, fiddle), David Pransky (bass, guitar), and Luke Quaranta (Djembe, percussion). However during this show they also invited up many guest musicians including African singers, reggae vocalists, drummers, and members from the very talented and similarly blended opening acts Markus James & The Wassonrai and AfroMassive.
Fast paced, their set was extremely danceable. With exotic riffs over bouncy rhythms built up in pace and pitch a few times into some very mighty jams that turned the crowd into whooping, cheering, and twirling madness. They surprised us halfway through the set with vocals over their complex instrumentals, including an abrupt change into a Salsa tune. Justin sang us some cover songs over their afro-rock instrumentals, including one from their hometown North Carolina's "Raleigh and Spencer".
We had a great time dancing with them in the intimate space of San Francisco's Independent with surprising well  received acoustics for such a small space. We would love to see them in a big outdoor festival environment -- and luckily they play at many across the country!

Words: Ashley Martino

Photos: Kelsey Winterkorn