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Friday, October 14

Review and Photos: Harvest Music Festival - Day 1

Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Music Festival

Upon arriving at the picturesque Mulberry Mountain Thursday afternoon all the world melted away in a sea of tranquility. The weather and surroundings could not be more conducive for a therapeutic hoe down of epic proportions. The vibe was not electric like a Phish festival, instead it was relaxed while everyone took their time setting up camp. The pristine sound of laughter and pageantry from the main stage serenaded everyone’s efforts as the music cut through the crisp air.   
 “The David Mayfield Parade” played at 4pm and I could not miss the man also known as The Great and Knowledgeable Icculus. He was animated and wacky as he did somersaults amongst the amused crowd. It was different, if not over the top. His antics took away from an interesting band that changed genres more often than his jokes fell flat. Overall his act was as unusual as it was entertaining.
True to whatever is clever motto, Y.M.S.B switched spots with Railroad Earth. Both put on inspiring shows. Yonder’s cover of “Stop Making Sense” was the highlight of a solid set. Railroad’s cover of “My Sisters and Brothers” kept most dancing past midnight. Slip Lip Rayfield showed why they are playing all weekend by refusing to let tired dancers turn in. As it was the most inspired set of Thursday.

Today Brings Billy and his band 7 Walkers….. there is nothing laid back about that. 
Until Then....

Words: Kevin Long
Photos: Ellis Jones