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Monday, September 12

Waterwheel Foundation Fundraiser from Phish and The Dead


Phish and The Dead has decided to raise money on behalf of The Waterwheel Foundation.  We will be collecting donations until Sept 25th.  All donations will be specified for Vermont recovery.  Send all checks, money orders and cash to:
Phish and The Dead
S. Martin
221 E. Alder St.
Missoula, MT
We will include a total of money collected/donated and a list of donors.  No money goes to Phish and The Dead and I will post a receipt of the total donation.  If you do not want your name listed as a donor please specify in a letter in your envelope.  And remember we are all Phamily, this is our 1st of many charity fundraisers and it could not have come at a better time.  Thank You, and be strong Vermont.
Gratefully Yours:
Sammy, Kevin and Greg