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Wednesday, June 8

Superball IX....Runaway Jim 5K...Tent of Live Phish....7 Sets (Scheduled)

Start Your Engines...
We had to say it at least once. Watkins Glen is a racetrack, after all. And this Ball, this...Super Ball's rolling. Breaking historical concepts of independence, not to mention basic principles of physics, the hum is getting louder. This wheel's on fire.
Some news from the Glen: Sculptor Lars Fisk, who was instrumental in the visual design of all of Phish's festivals up until 2004, was unable to join us at Festival 8. He's back with a vengeance this year, and along with Russ Bennett, has assembled a coalition of diverse artists who will all be at Super Ball. The build begins NOW, in barns up in Vermont, in chop shops in Queens, and on the ground at Watkins Glen - the ingredients of Super Ball IX come together from parts far and wide.
In celebration of Lars' return, we've transcribed a conversation between Trey and Lars from a couple weeks back that takes a retrospective look back at previous festivals and offers up a taste of what's to come at Super Ball IX. You can check it out here.
Phish will perform seven scheduled sets at Super Ball IX. The first of two sets on Friday begins at 7:30pm. The first of Saturday's three sets begins at 3pm. The first of Sunday's two sets begins at 7:30pm.
Here are but a few of the highlights of some of the elements in the works at Super Ball IX. We'll be announcing more as we get closer to the festival.
Back for the fourth time, and better than ever, the air conditioned hi-tech chill-out pad will be filled with Macs courtesy of our friends at Small Dog Electronics in Vermont. Half the machines will be set up as download stations - bring your iPod, USB drive, etc. - and fill it with both audio and video from Phish's June tour as well as selections from the archives chosen by Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro. Each station will also feature MP3s of each day's festival performance - no need to wait until you get home; grab your free downloads right from the House of Live Phish.
Want to get your head inside the mixes from Sidle up to our Pro Tools re-mix stations, furnished by our friends at Dale Pro Audio and Avid, to remix stems from the mixes. Final mixes will be uploaded to a blog at for everyone's listening pleasure.
If what you really need are the simple pleasure of a comfortable chair and a cool breeze, kick back in the Live Phish Video Lounge where we'll be playing a mix of live Phish video clips on a large HD TV. Selections will vary from our recent DVD releases to archival footage as well as clips from the current tour.
Years of marketing research and focus groups have revealed that Phish fans, given a choice of a wide variety of beverage options, often choose a fermented concoction made from cereal grains. We created a tent at Festival 8 called Beers of the World where any fan, no matter what language they spoke, would find a pleasing option. BOTW will be back at Super Ball IX with over 50 different kinds of beer available. Of note is the return of Sierra Nevada's FOAM, a special pilsner brewed specifically for Phish. True fact: After Festival 8, FOAM went on to win the Gold Medal at the 2010 World Beer Championship as the world's best Pilsner. It sold out in a hurry at its debut. They're brewing a little extra this time.
I love the smell of motor oil in the morning. Eight years after the last race in Limestone, Maine, The 101st Running of the First Annual Runaway Jim Memorial 5k Road Race will curve around the speedway on Saturday morning. It's technically 5.5 kilometers, 3.4 miles, but we know you're serious and want to give this race 110%. Drug testing will not take place before and after the race.
Pre-registration and General Race Information for the Runway Jim Memorial 5k Road Race is now available online. Pre-Registration is ONLY available online through JUNE 30TH at NOON, and is available on a first-come first registered basis.
Officially Registered runners receive a numbered race bib for official timing. We encourage runners to pre-register online as only limited registration may be available at Watkins Glen. If you're not registered, have no fear -- runners who are not registered may run at the end of the pack behind the Official Runners. Trophies will be awarded to the fastest Male, Female and cheetah, and the 2nd and 3rd place finisher over all.
For complete information or to pre-register, please visit
Super Ball IX will feature a Ball Field, where we'll host the Ninth Annual Super Wiffle Ball Tournament. We will be playing by official Wiffle rules. There are no bases to run. There are no umpires to argue with.
The tournament will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the day before Phish's sets begin. The Tournament is free to all ticket holders. Teams may consist of one to five players. A one-man team will be up at bat continuously during an inning, for example.
The Ball Field will also have Bocce Balls available for some leisurely lawn bowling competitions between innings.
For complete rules and information about the Super Wiffle Ball Tournament and to sign up, please visit