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Tuesday, June 28

The Official Superball IX Map


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It's 79 degrees right now on site in Watkins Glen as we gear up for the start of Super Ball IX. Gates open at Noon this Thursday, June 30th. Tickets for Super Ball IX are on sale now. Onsite camping is included in the price of admission. Like previous Phish festivals, the event will include numerous activities, attractions and art installations in addition to a series of performances by the band.

Adjacent to the concert field is (the triumphant return of) Ball Square. In this village in the round, you will find an American Trilogy: three distinct time zones of our nation's history. Witness an early American settlement (rally round the forge!), America in the Industrial Revolution (the factory is churning out costumery and masks for Sunday's Super Bull Run - stop by to be a part of this special event), and The Future of America (which we have little information on as it hasn't happened yet). In the center of it all is the Powerhouse, the festival's mitochondrial generator of all of Super Ball IX's power. A marvel of weirdness, an absurdist amalgamation of waterwheels and racecars, skyballs and rain cachements - behold the Powerhouse!

In a slightly further orbit from the festival's heart, you'll find The Big Screen, broadcasting a variety of recreational and cinematic delights. There's also The Pinball Lounge, a tennis court sized pinball machine bar in a pointy, stylish tent. Flippers, bumpers, and what have you. And amidst all of it, look for our roving pit crews who will give you a tune up if you let them.