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Wednesday, May 25

Hangout Festival Awards – Sunday May 21, 2011


The Award for Best Cover of the Day Goes to:
Keller Williams. His version of “Scarlet Begonias” was an appropriate way to start the last day of musical bliss. It does not get any better than dancing on the sand with Jerry’s spirit tangled with the ocean breeze.
The Award For Funkiest Set Of The Day Goes to: 
Galactic. Stanton Moore and company turned the Grooveshark Stage into Bourbon Street. Their soulful sound was unrelenting like the sun that set in the distance.
The Award For Most Spirited Set Of The Day Goes to: 
Michael Franti & Spearhead. They communicated feel good vibes with pure energy along with music. Michael was pulling fans on stage and even visiting them on the beach as he ran amongst the crowd playing the whole time. The band’s liveliness was needed as the long festival was winding down.
The Bunny Had A Little Lamb Award Goes to: 
This Lucky Southern Bell.
The Best Free Swag of the Day Award Goes to:
The Marlboro Experience. In a festival that had many attractions besides the music, Marlboro beat out the PlayStation 3 tent only when I ran out of smokes.
The Most Intimate Concert of the Day Award Goes to: 
Old Crow Medicine Show for their Media Tent appearance. In a festival this massive it was a treat to see such a talented string band practically playing in your living room. Thank You!
The Best Place To Get High Award Goes to:
The Carousel. If you needed to take a rest and get the best view of paradise this was the ride for you.
It Was Worth the Extra Money Award Goes to:
The V.I.P. Package. Most festivals rip you off with promises of special treatment, not at Hang-Out. They had everything from elevated shaded stages to a pool next to the main stage.
The Band with the Most Of the Same Instrument Award Goes to: 
Old Crow Medicine Show. That is an impressive box of harmonicas.
The We Thought of Everything Award Goes to: 
The Kid’s Stage. In a nice shaded spot they had plenty of child friendly music. The short time we spent there was enjoyable with Keller playing songs off his kid’s album and “Lunch Money” had us wanting a cookie the size of our heads all day.
photo: Dave Vann
The Best Set of the Day & Festival goes to: 
Paul Simon. His band was tight as he mixed classics with songs off their amazing new release “So Beautiful or So What”.  Paul’s timeless music was a magical way to end a perfect festival experience.
It Does Not Get Any Better Than This Award Goes to: 
Everybody that helped pull of such an amazing event. This was an historic festival with every kind of music fan finding plenty to dance to all weekend. Hang-out was completely sold-out and solidified itself as one of the premier music festivals in the country.

Words: Kevin Long & Photos: Ellis Jones